the black athlete

The J.D. White P.L.A.Y. Foundation need your help with monetary donations to help change youth at a time!  

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Written by P.L.A.Y. founder, John D. White, The Black Athlete is a novel about an African-American boy from Detroit with dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional athlete. Its a

story of perseverance,

tragedy, and triumph. 

The J.D. White
P.L.A.Y. Foundation 
Youth Empowerment
Mentoring Program


Mentor meetings are held at King of

Kings International every 2nd and 4th

Tuesday evening, promptly at 7:00 pm.   ​​

Youth Empowerment Mentoring Program

"Teaching, Training, and Inspiring a Generation"

  • The Youth will be instilled with values, and taught the importance of leadership. 

  • Taught entrepreneur skills, money management, and to hone not only their business minds, but their critical thinking skills.​

  • Taught the 6 things to do in life, to be successful and reach maximum potential.

  • Don't be Late, Lazy, and a Liar, and to be Faithful, Dependable, and Trustworthy.​​

​The Youth Empowerment's whole purpose is to help the youth see a brighter future for themselves, and to know that they can be whatever they want to be in life.  We will also challenge their way of thinking and motivate them to be successful businessmen, husband's, and father's in the community with the help of God.  Youth Empowerment is not just a mentoring program, but it is a program that will stretch the capacity of every young person that participates.